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Public Policy Projects
is an organisation
operating at the heart of health and life sciences policy delivery

About PPP

We bring together senior leaders and practitioners in the public and private health and life sciences sectors to find realistic solutions to the most pressing issues relating to health and care delivery.   

We facilitate effective collaboration between public and private sector organisations. We help businesses to grow their profile within the NHS and wider public sector.  In turn, we support public sector leaders and organisations with practical recommendations on implementing policy to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for local populations. 

We offer insight, analysis and intelligence through research, editorial, events, and written reports.  Our chair Stephen Dorrell, a former Secretary of State for Health, remains actively involved in policy delivery in the health and life sciences sectors. 

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Care and
NHS Delivery

We provide multiple platforms through which people working in health and care delivery can dissect and influence the integrated care agenda

Global Health and the Life
Sciences Revolution

We convene experts to address population health issues including inequality, immunology and the UK as a Life Sciences Superpower

Disease Pathways

We work with stakeholders to make general and pathway specific recommendations to improve care for long term health conditions

Genomics and New Medicines Discovery

We deliver actionable policy to support these evolving sectors in the UK and offer broader policy insights into related areas of global focus

Delivering Primary Health Services

We run tailored programmes for frontline practitioners and businesses addressing policy issues affecting the delivery of primary and community health care

Healthtech and Innovation

We investigate how policy can help health stakeholders and businesses to work together to realise the value of medical technology, data and AI

Delivering Secondary Health Services

We deliver strategic and operational insights for decision makers in the UK public and private acute and mental health hospital sectors

Upcoming events

Our events are free to attend for the public health and care sector, including NHS, voluntary, community, and social enterprise workersFor private sector companies, we offer a limited number of paid tickets, or find out more about becoming a PPP partner. 

Join the debate

For public policy delivery to be effective in health and life sciences, we strongly believe discussions and debates must include public and private sector leaders, investors, policymakers and commentators. 

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