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A Global Policy Institute

Public Policy Projects (PPP) is an independent policy institute committed to global public policy reform. We bring together expert policymakers, stakeholders, academics and business leaders with a common interest in the future of public policy.

PPP promotes policy reform through evidence-based research and ongoing analysis into healthcare, life sciences, environment, energy and international diplomacy. We promote a progressive, global and inherently liberal world view through a diverse portfolio of policy papers, publications, events and thought leadership.

Our Mission

Public Policy Projects is an independent policy institute with a clear point of view. We believe that good public policy is the essential foundation of an open, liberal society. Most public policy issues are complex and involve difficult choices and trade-offs. There is plenty of scope for honest disagreement about how to balance conflicting interests; it is the role of political leaders to make those choices. This process requires an understanding of international context. In the age of the internet, Covid-19 and climate change the list of issues which can be addressed at the purely national level is growing shorter all the time.

“The mission of Public Policy Projects is to learn both from our own experience and from the experience of others and to make contributions to the policy debate which address real world choices on the basis of real-world evidence. Good public policy is what connects political aspiration to hard reality. That is what we aim to provide.”

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Executive Chair, Public Policy Projects

What we offer



PPP produces a series of national and international policy publications, industry white papers and due diligence advising governments, public sector organisations and private companies.

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PPP provides policy-led news, insight and analysis to its global audience through a series of sector specific publications.

Main publications from PPP:
Hospital times
Integrated care journal



Through conferences, meetings, webinars, seminars and roundtables, PPP offers a forum for debate and the development of actionable insights across a range of sectors.

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Public Policy Projects is part of the Dorson Inform Group of companies which includes Dorson Transform.
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