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Category: Genomics & New medicines discovery

Genomics & New medicines discovery

How can we deliver more effective treatments for rare conditions?

Every year, on the last day of February, the world unites in solidarity for Rare Disease Day. This day marks a crucial moment to raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals living with rare diseases, their families, and the tireless advocates who fight for their well-being.

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Genomics & New medicines discovery

2023 Global Genomics Conference highlights need for large-scale collaboration to ensure equitable delivery of effective treatment

Genomics experts, clinical practitioners, diplomats, and political decision makers came together at the 2nd Annual Public Policy Projects (PPP) Global Genomics Conference on 9 November to examine the challenges of equitably integrating genomics into clinical settings and health systems around the world.

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Care & NHS Delivery

PPP announces 2024 programmes

PPP announces their 2024 programmes covering integrated care, cancer care, wound care, global genomics, rare diseases, medicines, and diabetes.

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Challenges preventing the NHS from harnessing genomics

In recent years there have been significant advancements in the field of genomics, which have allowed researchers to map and understand the function of the total genetic material present in a patient. However, the NHS has been slow to take advantage of these breakthroughs.

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