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Category: Thought leadership

Global Genomics Insights
Genomics & New medicines discovery

New Global Genomics Insights report: Creating a more equitable genomics ecosystem 

Public Policy Project’s latest Global Genomics Insights highlight the need to re-evaluate how genomics researchers, industry, and other professionals engage with communities in a way that fosters trust; in addition to looking at how genomics professionals engage with policymakers and the role of international bodies in solidifying collaboration on genomics.

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The Maternity Incentive Scheme: Reflections on NHS data culture 

At a recent roundtable event held by Lifen discussing the impact of the NHS Resolution Maternity Incentive Scheme, patient safety specialists found that while the scheme is helpful, its impact is held back by issues concerning data collection, resource challenges and a lack of clarity around process, as well as complexity inherent in providing data assurance.

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