April 21


12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

*This is an invitation only event*

The first roundtable of the State of the Nation: Rare, Genetic, and Undiagnosed Conditions report will address how the pandemic has affected patients’ access to NHS services, including diagnostics, therapies and clinical research. It will consider the changes to disease treatment pathways and how to ensure health care professionals understand rare diseases and the appropriate pathways. There will also be discussion of the actions needed to ensure rare disease patients receive coordinated care.

Now is clearly a seminal moment for the UK health system. By putting the voice of people with rare, genetic and undiagnosed conditions at the heart of the change we want to see, patient outcomes can be greatly improved for those already diagnosed, those yet to receive a diagnosis, and future generations living with rare and genetic conditions.

This non-promotional meeting is sponsored by Takeda and run-in partnership with Public Policy Projects. PPP is independent and cross-party, bringing together public and private sector leaders, investors, policymakers and commentators with a common interest in the future of local public policy.

Chair: Baroness Nicola Blackwood, Deputy Chair, Health & Life Sciences Policy Board, Public Policy Projects



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