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Public Policy Projects (PPP) is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Conservative Party Virtual Conference 2020. PPP will be hosting a series of policy hubs at the conference, leading debates on health, social care, infrastructure and global economics.

The PPP Health and Social Care Hub, International Hub and Infrastructure Hub will host cabinet ministers, MPs, senior public sector executives, diplomats and industry leaders to discuss the pressing issues facing the UK and international community in the wake of the pandemic. All discussions are held with a view to developing actionable insights that will drive policy over the coming months and years.

The Public Policy Projects’ Virtual Hubs at the 2020 Conservative Party Conference are a unique group of platforms to bring together the latest and most insightful organisations across multiple sectors with decision makers from the UK’s governing Party.

Topics of discussion include:

Health and Social Care Hub 
  • Is the NHS Workforce ready for the winter crisis?
  • The next generation of NHS innovation – embracing the digital revolution
  • Building the hospital of the future
  • The Future of UK Life Sciences
  • Preparing Local and regional government for the long haul
  • Why is northern Britain dying earlier than the south?
  • How do we solve a problem like social care?
  • How can we improve cancer survival rates?
  • Developing a vaccine for Covid-19
International Hub 
  • Lessons learnt – Preparing for future pandemics
  • Improving the nations mental health and wellbeing
  • World Economic Series: Rebooting the UK economy post-Covid
Infrastructure Hub 
  • The Future of the UK’s Railways post-Covid-19
  • How can investment in infrastructure ‘level up’ Britain?
  • State of the Nation’s Economy 2020
  • Can the 5G Revolution Transform Communities?

Interested in partnering with us? 

We are excited to announce a range of partnership opportunities enabling valued contributors to add to the narrative being explored at Conservative Party Conference 2020.

Opportunities include sharing the virtual stage with cabinet ministers, MPs, senior public sector executives, diplomats and industry leaders while discussing the core topics that will shape the health, industry and international landscape for many years to come.

This is a unique and invaluable opportunity for market and thought leaders voice their contributions to these crucial topics during this unprecedented period.

If you would like to explore the and see what involvement in the CPC can look like, please contact Lee Searle Partnerships Director on 


Public Policy Projects
  • 0207 8399305

ISSN Number: 2517-2662

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