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Join us at the Global Genomics Conference 2022

This is a four-day event, starting on 23rd May 2022. This event consists of three days of webinars and one in-person conference held in London.

The webinar ‘​How do you articulate the economic benefits of participating in genomics?’ is the final webinar, taking place on 26th May. With your joining link you will also be able to attend the webinars on the 23th and 24th May.

About the webinar session: ​How do you articulate the economic benefits of participating in genomics?

There are limited studies of the economic benefits to be derived from participating in genomics and there is no consistent approach globally about how this is assessed.  

The third and final webinar of PPP’s Global Genomics Conference will explore these issues, with our panel of speakers issuing from the UK, Canada, Thailand and the European 1+MG Project. The panel will share examples of some of the challenges and how different jurisdictions have approached this issue, whether through the lens of pharmacogenomics, wider societal benefit or positioning genomics as a key driver for economic growth beyond the preserve of human healthcare. 

Join us as we discuss if a greater policy focus needs to be applied and how this should be considered. Discussions will include practical insights into how jurisdictions are able to make a better assessment of the economic potential of focusing on genomics, as well as how to prevent genomics from becominng the preserve of jurisdictions or organisations that can afford to fund it.  

How to register for the Global Genomics Conference webinar sessions

You can register for your Zoom joining link through the registration button below. This Zoom link will allow you access to all three webinar sessions during the Global Genomics Conference 2022.

After you register you will be able to join us for the following sessions:

  • 23rd May: Why is it important – scientifically, morally and ethically – to improve diversity in genomics globally?
  • 24th May: Democratisation of Access to Data: the role of cloud-based technology
  • 26th May: How do you articulate the economic benefits of participating in genomics?


On the 25th of May the in-person section of this series will be taking place at The View, Royal College of Surgeons, London. You can read more about this event here. 

Foundation sponsors: Genomics England, Lifebit. Event sponsors: Wellcome Sanger Institute, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina.

Further details on these webinar sessions coming soon.

  • 26 May, 2022 12:00 - 14:00 BST
  • Virtual, Zoom webinar See map

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