February 23


02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Covid-19 has revealed huge inequalities when it comes to digital health. The pandemic accelerated what has always been an inevitable move towards digital over the past decade. 22 per cent of the UK population is digitally excluded and only 51 per cent of households with income between £6-10k have access to internet. By 2025, 90 per cent of jobs will require some kind of digital skills. The debate is often pitched as binary: either we move towards digital and leave underserved populations behind, or we don’t move technological advancements along to accommodate for those people. The Digital Divide will focus on what digital health can do for underserved populations. Digital transformation is the future of healthcare and as such, good policy is in urgent demand when it comes to addressing those at risk of being left behind. We aim to meet that demand with this exciting piece of policy work in 2022.

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