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Virtual Roundtable: Collaborating To Deliver Medicines Optimisation Opportunities: Bringing Stakeholders Together Within ICSs To Improve Service Access

Public Policy Project’s (PPP) Medicines Programme in 2023 highlighted the possibility for a pharmacy-led transformation of UK health and care. The Driving true value from medicines and pharmacy report found that pharmacy has the potential to become a system-wide strategic asset, with much value to bring in the context of integrated care. However, it also identified several barriers preventing this from becoming a reality, including contractual, digital, and workforce limitations.

The Medicines Programme in 2024 aims to shine the light upon how exactly the value of pharmacy can be maximised in conjunction with each of the four pillars of primary care and wider community services. It is the strong belief of our existing medicines and pharmacy network that doing so will help enable ICSs to deliver upon the key objectives of integrated care, such as population health management and reducing health inequalities.

Key themes for discussion: 

  • How can the wider primary care sector be leveraged to drive transformational change through medicine optimisation?
  • How do multiple stakeholders across an ICS environment currently operate with it comes to decision-making in medicines optimisation?
  • How can we leverage access through PCNs for medicines optimisation programmes with competing priorities?
  • How can the wider primary care sector be better integrated with the pharmacy sector, how can each component of the sector share resource more effectively?
  • How can contractual levers be harnessed to unlock primary care resource, encourage collaboration and improve access to health and care services?
  • How can contractual levers that enable collaboration be further leveraged to ensure pharmacy is better integrated within ICSs?
  • How can ICSs leverage the resources at their disposal to develop more effective medicines optimisation strategies?
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“As an independent service provider to the NHS for over 13 years, Spirit Health do things a little differently. We specialise in working with NHS Medicines Optimisation teams to provide products and clinical services that help deliver cost efficiencies and improvements in patient outcomes. But we do this with the view of establishing long-term partnerships and continually support the NHS in delivering on its priorities rather than simply carrying out one-off interventions.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to be partnering with Public Policy Projects in delivering their Medicines programme for 2024. By collaborating with our colleagues in the NHS and bringing our own experiences to the table in this programme, we believe we can work towards navigating some of the issues the system faces with regard to medicines management. Our mission is to “Make Health Easy”, and we believe we can bring that mindset to this programme in 2024.”

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Partnership opportunities:

If you work for a commercial organisation and want to find out more about how you can be involved in the Medicines Programme 2024, please contact Lee Davies at

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Feb 15 2024


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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