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Webinar: Increasing Genetic Diversity in Drug Discovery

Ethical Approaches to Developing Life-Saving Therapies


The development of effective treatments is currently hampered by a lack of genetic diversity in data sets and the ethical engagement of communities in genomic research. Genomics research and many aspects of ongoing work around genomics and its benefits are heavily built on ethnic Euro-centric foundations. This means that many advances within genomics are inapplicable to minoritised communities within much of the Global North as well as nearly all the Global South by default. Without a greater focus around genetic diversity within genomics research, outcomes and benefits of such research is likely to exacerbate population health inequalities and limit the overarching effectiveness of life-saving treatments. 

Ongoing work around areas such as benefit sharing have also highlighted how underserved communities should be engaged with in regard to genomic research. This work has looked to both build community trust in genomic research and to ensure that population health inequalities are properly addressed. It is vital that underserved communities are recruited into genomics research thus, enabling greater opportunities for the development and discovery of life-saving therapies. However, this work cannot come at the expense of underserved groups; and, indeed, the benefits of such work must be felt by the communities that are participating in research.       

This session will highlight the necessity of ethical integrity and community engagement in the research process, underscored by real-world applications that demonstrate successful implementation of these practices. The discussion will also provide insights into the future of personalized medicine, propelled by genetic diversity and cutting-edge scientific methodologies. The session will also establish a deeper understanding of how these efforts coalesce to forge pathways towards novel treatments that are both effective and equitably accessible. 

Webinar aims:

  • To highlight ongoing work around engagement with communities in genomic research. 
  • To illustrate how increased, meaningful and two-way engagement with communities can increase the possibilities for drug discovery. 
  • To showcase the greater need for benefit sharing and the effect this has in building trust between researchers and communities engaged in genomic research.  

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Oct 15 2024


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Virtual Online
Hosted on Zoom
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