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Webinar: Report Launch – AI in Imaging Diagnostics

PPPs 2024 Cancer Care programme kicks off with this report launch webinar on AI in Imaging Diagnostics. While discussions concerning artificial intelligence (AI) have come to dominate public discourse since the launch of ChatGPT last year, in healthcare, AI has been the subject of intense debate for some time.

Many of the key talking points that define the debate in healthcare echo that of its wider implications, namely the unintended consequences of unleashing unregulated algorithms across the sector and the potentially profound implications AI could have upon workforces globally.

However, it is perhaps in healthcare where AI stands to make its greatest and most positive impact. Healthcare is a data-rich industry, with the treatment of patients leading to the production of vast amounts of medical records, images, lab results, and numerous other data outputs. This multimodal data can be used to train a wide range of AI systems, leading to the development of new, more targeted drug treatments and diagnostic tools, more personalised care, and a more efficient healthcare system.

Join our expert panel as they help to launch PPPs newest report exploring what it takes to begin implementing AI at scale in imaging diagnostics in the NHS.


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Jan 24 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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