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Improving Disease Pathways

We work with stakeholders to make practical and evidence-based recommendations to improve care for long-term health conditions.

Why is this important?

UK outcomes on diseases such as cancer, obesity and diabetes lag behind its peers. Aligning disease pathways with the latest innovations and best practice will be vital to improving survival rates and quality of life for millions.

What we do

We work with stakeholders from disease specialists to NHS trusts, academics, patient advocates and industry to develop insights and recommendations to improve care for long-term health conditions.

What are the benefits?

Engage with experts in their fields to analyse and debate the latest advances, innovations and policy developments in specific disease pathways.

Featured Content

Bold action in Breast Cancer: Facilitating local partnerships to have a lasting impact on health inequalities

On the 7th December 2022, Public Policy Projects and Novartis brought together oncology experts and key stakeholders for a roundtable to discuss how effective partnership working in healthcare environments can reduce health inequalities in breast cancer outcomes. The central objective of the roundtable was to create a series of actionable insights and recommendations for health providers to create a more resilient health and care system and, ultimately, improve breast cancer outcomes in the UK. This document is a summary of the key outcomes, insights and recommendations that were generated from the roundtable

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Improving Disease Pathways

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PPP convenes public sector leaders and key stakeholders to discuss practical application of policy in the following related topics:

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