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Public Policy Projects partners with Birmingham Health Partners

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Public Policy Projects partners with Birmingham Health Partners

Public Policy Projects (PPP) is delighted to announce its partnership with the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Health Partners on the PPP 2022 Cell & Gene Therapies Programme.

Public Policy Projects partners with Birmingham Health Partners to examine future of Gene and Cell Therapy innovation in the UK

The partnership forms part of PPP’s Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Commission, and following on from the publication of PPP’s ‘Advanced Treatments–Gene and Cell Therapies’ report in early 2022.

The programme brings together key leaders across life sciences to ensure a more inclusive, integrated approach to infrastructure and skills to accelerate the success of advanced therapies across all regions of the UK.

This will examine how the UK can cement itself as a global leader in the research, development and delivery of gene and cell therapies. This directly supports the government’s Life Sciences Vision and Levelling Up agendas, and ties into the ‘Innovation Nation’ and ‘Life Sciences Superpower’ ambitions.

About Birmingham Health Partners

Birmingham Health Partners (BHP) represents a cluster of organisations with a shared common goal of achieving health and economic impact through the purposeful use of knowledge and expertise.

It is a strategic alliance between five organisations who collaborate to bring healthcare innovations through to clinical application:

  • University of Birmingham
  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
  • West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

The group supports the full spectrum of translational medicine: encompassing health data; an established local health system; academic excellence; and an extensive clinical trials capability.

BHP is also supporting the development of Birmingham Health Innovation Campus, which will enable pioneering and life-changing interactions between clinicians, academics, industry and patients to accelerate the field of personalised, precision medicine.

By enabling integrated, multidisciplinary working, BHP helps bring about answers to complex healthcare issues for the direct benefit of people worldwide.