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PPP publishes reports on a range of policy areas across health and life sciences.  These are created from independent research plus discussions at the events we organise as part of our approach to finding realistic solutions to selected topical issues relating to healthcare and medicines delivery.  

Roundtables organised within our programmes can each result in a PPP Insights report which covers findings from the particular theme under discussion. Concluding a series of roundtables, the final PPP Report brings together the full policy recommendations.  

You can download our reports for free.  Please share them with others who may be interested in our recommendations.   

The Manchester ICS Delivery Forum: Key Insights

The Leeds ICS Delivery Forum: Key Insights

Cell and gene therapy

The future of cell and gene therapies in the UK: Skills, training and development

The West Midlands ICS Delivery Forum: Key Insights

Clinical Research Coalition: Decentralisation and the development of treatments for rare diseases

Bold action in Breast Cancer: Facilitating local partnerships to have a lasting impact on health inequalities

Equity of Access and Return in Global Genomics

Implementing precision medicine in the UK: The case of cancer vaccines

Ensuring ICSs represent a partnership of equals

Population Health in Business

Bold action in breast cancer

Clinical Research Coalition: embedding trials and building trust

Stronger Together: Collaborative primary care at scale

The digital divide: Reducing inequalities for better health

A care system for the future: how digital development can transform adult social care

Community Diagnostic Centres: The next step in Oncology care

A Fairer Future: Towards a more equitable delivery of care for those with rare diseases and conditions in the UK

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