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Health PolicyMay 4, 2021
Unleashing the potential of global Britain for life sciences: Part Three
Part Three: Before we are patients, we are people. IQVIA and Public Policy Projects convened a virtual summit of experts to discuss developments in genomics and precision medicine in the context of unleashing the potential of global Britain for life sciences
HealthMay 4, 2021
Unleashing the potential of global Britain for life sciences: Part Two
Part Two: Driving change through NHS infrastructure. IQVIA and Public Policy Projects convened a virtual summit of experts to discuss developments in genomics and precision medicine in the context of unleashing the potential of global Britain for life sciences
HealthApril 28, 2021
Climate change is aggravating the spread of infectious diseases
ICJ Editor Francesco Tamilia spoke with several infectious diseases experts to understand how climate change impacts the transmission of infectious diseases and what can be done to minimise and mitigate their impact on people’s health.
HealthApril 21, 2021
Time to fix the global genomics inequity gap
Without honestly identifying, recognising, and rectifying the structural barriers to global genomic collaboration, equity across the field of genomics will never be achieved.
Community healthMarch 11, 2021
Heatwaves are killing thousands every year – it will get worse
The damage of heatwaves to human health, productivity and lifestyles is growing. This is primarily because of the increasing likelihood of heatwaves caused by climate change. What are the impacts of this silent killer and what can be done about it?

Integrated Care Journal

HealthMay 13, 2021
Lack of clarity on social care reform in Queen's Speech
Rt Hon Damian Green, Chair of PPP's State of the Nation 'The Social Care Challenge: Implementing a Connected System report', responds to the lack of clarity on social care reform in the Queen's Speech.
PrimaryMay 12, 2021
What does the Queen’s Speech mean for health inequalities?
The highly anticipated Queen’s Speech of 11 May 2021 laid out the Government’s priorities for the year ahead. While inequality received just one line, the focus on education will be positive in addressing the social determinants of health.
HealthMay 7, 2021
Challenging inequalities in reproductive healthcare
The pandemic has underscored long-term need of reform in reproductive healthcare, writes Charley Hacquoil, Policy Analyst at Public Policy Projects.
HealthApril 30, 2021
Racial disparities in women’s healthcare
PPP is driving discussion around correcting disparities and indeed improving outcomes in women’s healthcare.

World Healthcare Journal

HealthMay 5, 2021
How do waiting times compare internationally?
The pandemic has caused unprecdented disruption to elective care across the globe, what steps are different countries taking to stem growing backlogs in care across the sector?
HealthApril 14, 2021
Women in global health
Global health is driven by women, a fact too often ignored in health and care workforce planning.

Primary Care Journal

Community healthMay 10, 2021
Population health management: the time is now
While the adoption of population health management is still in its infancy, and there is a need for more evidence and better exchange mechanisms to share it, can localities really afford not to try?
HealthMay 6, 2021
Seeing the gap: health inequalities in ophthalmology
Increased screen usage throughout the pandemic has not been kind to our eyes. More than one in three people in the UK have reported deteriorating eyesight over the past year due to more time spent indoors and extra screen time, according to an online poll conducted by YouGov for Fight for Sight.
Health PolicyApril 14, 2021
Making the most of global collaboration post pandemic
One of the most important ways the UK can assist in a global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is, firstly, to improve its domestic response by freeing up capacity and the supply of vaccines. Professor James Kingsland reflects on what the UK can do to support the world emerging from the pandemic.
Community healthMarch 22, 2021
Report confirms "the urgent need to level-up access to NHS dentistry"
The Association of Dental Groups (ADG) has welcomed the publication of Public Health England’s report on “Oral health inequalities in England”. The report reveals stark variations between regions in oral health and highlights a clear “north/south” divide.
Health ProfessionsMarch 8, 2021
New leadership programme for GP’s launched
London South Bank University (LSBU), Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Modality Partnership have launched the first ‘new to partnership’ GP leadership programme to provide primary care leaders with the knowledge and skills they need lead at executive level.  
HealthFebruary 2, 2021
The future of digital primary care
Gianpiero Celino, Clinical Director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, outlines a vision for the future of digital healthcare building on the huge progress the NHS made during 2020.
Health PolicyJanuary 18, 2021
Time to end mixed messaging on NHS dentistry
Dr Martin Skipper, Head of Policy for the LDC Confederation highlights major discrepancies in the Government’s strategy for NHS dentistry during the pandemic.
Health PolicyJanuary 4, 2021
Primary care at scale
Primary care at scale (PCaS) entered the lexicon of healthcare in the NHS in England over 10 years ago. It should be regarded as a set of principles rather than an organisational form, albeit when these principles are applied, a larger provider organisation often results.

World Infrastructure Journal

NewsMay 14, 2021
Pursuing Quantity and Quality: The Urgency of Social Housing Reform
While the Queen’s Speech addressed a number of pressing needs in housing, a commitment to enshrining the Social Housing White Paper into law was conspicuously absent. However, even the provisions laid out in the paper may not be enough to solve the housing crisis.
NewsMay 11, 2021
The Queen’s Speech 2021: Levelling up infrastructure
Infrastructure had an important role to play in the Queen's Speech as the government’s levelling-up agenda was put firmly centre stage of the legislative priorities for the next year.  
Public transportMay 7, 2021
Cheaper, Cleaner, and Greener: The Future of UK rail
The importance of innovation and organization in decarbonising the rail network and meeting the levelling up agenda was a main focus in the second session of PPP’s Future of UK Rail series
TechnologyApril 28, 2021
Digital connectivity: The trillion-pound investment
The latest Public Policy Projects Connected Citizens study, in partnership with Anderson Strategy and Huawei, has unveiled that connectivity could bring trillions in value to local economies by 2030, but taking advantage of this will be crucial.

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