HealthOctober 12, 2021
Improving cancer care for LGBTQ+ patients in the UK
While gender and sexual identities continue to be decriminalised and more understood across the world, the health sector is taking a while to catch up. Dr Alison Berner is leading a coalition of clinicians and charities committed to improving the care needs of LGBTQ+ patients with cancer.
HealthSeptember 24, 2021
Vaxi Taxi: the simple and innovative vaccination programme with equity at its core
Ensuring everyone has equal access to good healthcare is fundamental to reducing health inequalities. Dr Sharon Raymond, GP and director of Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation, is making accessibility easier through her Vaxi Taxi project, which helps those in London’s most vulnerable communities' access
HealthAugust 2, 2021
A&E has become the entire health system’s safety net, not just the patient’s
While the current spotlight is on reducing post-pandemic elective surgery waiting times, emergency departments have been left to pick up the health system’s slack. Public Policy Projects Policy Analyst Lottie Moore spoke to Dr Katherine Henderson about the challenges now facing emergency medicine.
HealthJuly 13, 2021
Health inequality must be addressed in locality
Dr Chi-Chi Ekhator is a GP based in South London and a GP Appraiser of NHS England. She is also Chair of Five2Medics, an initiative within Ascension Trust, born out of the desire to build wellness and resilience in communities facing disadvantage.
PrimaryMay 12, 2021
What does the Queen’s Speech mean for health inequalities?
The highly anticipated Queen’s Speech of 11 May 2021 laid out the Government’s priorities for the year ahead. While inequality received just one line, the focus on education will be positive in addressing the social determinants of health.
HealthApril 30, 2021
Racial disparities in women’s healthcare
PPP is driving discussion around correcting disparities and indeed improving outcomes in women’s healthcare.
HealthApril 30, 2021
Championing racial equality in maternal care
Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy and Practice Officer at the Race Equality Foundation about racial disparities within maternal healthcare.
HealthApril 30, 2021
We must do more to protect Muslim women in the UK
Dr Hina Shahid, GP and Chair of the Muslim Doctors Association, calls out the mistreatment of Muslim women in the UK and specifically in our medical workforce.
HealthApril 29, 2021
Covid-19: the disease of the deprived?
Vaccines are only a solution to the disease so long as people decide to have them. There is increasing concern that the virus could persist in certain parts of the country where people are refusing to be vaccinated.
HealthJanuary 26, 2021
The biggest tragedy of Covid lies in inequality
As Lottie Moore, Policy & Publishing Executive at Public Policy Projects writes, Covid-19 is not a pandemic that affects everyone equally. Rather, it is a syndemic: bringing together the concurrent pandemics of coronavirus, discrimination and disadvantage.
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