HealthJune 10, 2021
Using genomics to challenge disparities in 21st century healthcare
Professor Julian Barwell, professor in genomic medicine, discusses some of the challenges in addressing cultural barriers to change within the NHS as well as inequity of access to research; both of which can hinder improvements in healthcare outcomes for certain patient groups.
Health ProfessionsJune 3, 2021
We must rejuvenate the health and care estate
Stephen Hammond MP, Deputy Chair of PPP’s Infrastructure Policy Board, announces the Health and Care Estates Series.
AcuteJune 2, 2021
Here's why the climate crisis is a health crisis
"Though the result of multiple forces, climate change is both a risk multiplier and a root cause of various health crises from eco-anxiety to respiratory conditions caused by air pollution and nutritional soil depletion, to an increased risk of infectious diseases," Eleanor Murray writes for ICJ
HealthMay 21, 2021
Mobile healthcare: the key to accessible diagnostics
How to deliver flexible, patient-centric services where they are needed, in a cost-effective manner. Steve Peak, Delivery and Development Director of Vanguard Healthcare Solutions, considers the issues.
HealthMay 13, 2021
Lack of clarity on social care reform in Queen's Speech
Rt Hon Damian Green, Chair of PPP's State of the Nation 'The Social Care Challenge: Implementing a Connected System report', responds to the lack of clarity on social care reform in the Queen's Speech.
PrimaryMay 12, 2021
What does the Queen’s Speech mean for health inequalities?
The highly anticipated Queen’s Speech of 11 May 2021 laid out the Government’s priorities for the year ahead. While inequality received just one line, the focus on education will be positive in addressing the social determinants of health.
HealthMay 7, 2021
Challenging inequalities in reproductive healthcare
The pandemic has underscored long-term need of reform in reproductive healthcare, writes Charley Hacquoil, Policy Analyst at Public Policy Projects.

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