HealthApril 30, 2021
We must do more to protect Muslim women in the UK
Dr Hina Shahid, GP and Chair of the Muslim Doctors Association, calls out the mistreatment of Muslim women in the UK and specifically in our medical workforce.
HealthApril 30, 2021
Achieving net zero in the NHS
The NHS has committed to to become world's first net zero health service. Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability of the NHS England\I and Dame Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive of the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discuss the challenges and priorities of the NHS’s pathway to net zero
HealthApril 29, 2021
Covid-19: the disease of the deprived?
Vaccines are only a solution to the disease so long as people decide to have them. There is increasing concern that the virus could persist in certain parts of the country where people are refusing to be vaccinated.
HealthApril 28, 2021
Climate change is aggravating the spread of infectious diseases
ICJ Editor Francesco Tamilia spoke with several infectious diseases experts to understand how climate change impacts the transmission of infectious diseases and what can be done to minimise and mitigate their impact on people’s health.
HealthApril 21, 2021
The Social Care Challenge
What are the key priorities for social care reform? Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Rt Hon Damian Green, William Laing of LaingBuisson and Angus Honeysett from Tunstall joined forces to discuss their views on the current policy landscape.
Community healthApril 8, 2021
Confronting racial inequality in emergency medicine
Dr David Chung and Dr Hodon Abdi of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine speak to ICJ sister publication Hospital Times, dissecting the issue of racial inequalities in the health and care workforce from the perspective of emergency medicine.
HealthMarch 19, 2021
Does the white paper set the right direction for the NHS?
Will the Government’s white paper reform provide the fuel for integration to permeate throughout the health and care sector? William Pett, Senior Policy Advisor, NHS Confederation writes for Integrated Care Journal.

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