Italy, Belgium, and the UK announces new coronavirus regulations amid European case surge 

By - World Healthcare Journal

Italy, Belgium, and the UK have now announced tightened restrictions and new measures following a surge in coronavirus cases across Europe 

As the continent is once again facing rapidly rising cases, many nations have begun to instil new, stricter measures - but none have yet moved into nationwide lockdown.

The changes in Italy came as the nation recorded its highest daily infection rate for the second day in a row, surpassing more than 11,700 new cases on Sunday and beating the previous record the day before. During the “first wave”, the highest daily case rate was 6,550.

PM Giuseppe Conte said the measures were introduced in order to prevent the spread of the virus, but also in order to “avoid a new lockdown”.

The new measures allow local government authorities to close public areas after 21:00, and the opening times of restaurants and the size of groups allowed to gather will be restricted to 6 people - akin to the UK’s “rule of six”.

At the start of the pandemic, Italy was one of the hardest-hit - especially in the northern regions. At the time of publication, Italy has recorded more than 414,000 confirmed cases, and 36,500 deaths, placing it second only behind the UK in Europe.

In the UK, it was announced on Friday that Greater London would move into “Tier 2” of the new coronavirus alert system - meaning that gatherings are restricted to households and those in “support bubbles”, as well as the nationwide mandate last week that all pubs, bars, and restaurants must close at 10pm.

In the north of the UK, further restrictions look to be put into place - as millions in the city of Manchester are set to be placed into “Tier 3” of lockdown. This comes as UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has reportedly been in talks with local government, securing more than £100m in funding to cover for the damage it will cause to the local economy.

Belgium has also instilled new regulations, following the government admitting that it can “no longer control” the current rates of rising transmission. Bars and restaurants will face a curfew of 10pm, and groups are limited to four whilst in public places. There will also be a nightly curfew of midnight to 5am.

Health minister Frank Vandenbroucke, said the situation in parts of Belgium was the most dangerous in Europe.

"We are the most affected region in all of Europe. We are really close to a tsunami. We no longer control what is happening,” he said to TV station RTL.

"If it continues to increase, the number of hospitalisations will be such that we will have to postpone more and more non-Covid care, which is also very dangerous."

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