Potential new treatment for Covid could provide instant immunity to virus

By - World Healthcare Journal

Potential new treatment for Covid could provide instant immunity to virus

A pharmaceutical company has recently announced it will begin a clinical trial in Spain to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new Covid-19 drug which could provide immediate immunity to the virus.

If effective, the immunoglobulin-based treatment would provide immediate post-exposure protection against the virus, and could see use as a complement to the vaccine in the early phase after vaccination. In addition, it could also be used for protecting the elderly and healthcare workers, as well as immunocompromised patients for whom vaccination isn't recommended.

Grifols, the company developing the treatment, expects the clinical trial to begin in February 2021, with a possibility of results in spring.

The trial will contain 800 patients who are all asymptomatic but have tested positive for the virus in a test.

Additionally, the drug - known as Gamunex-C - has proven to be safe and effective in the prevention of diverse infectious diseases in immunocompromised patients before, and has been widely used for 15 years, indicating that the question is not the safety of the treatment, but the efficacy.

According to Dr. Oriol Mitjà leader of the trial from Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol in Barcelona, holds high hopes for the trial.

"This treatment based on immunoglobulins would provide a combination of polyclonal antibodies that, compared with monoclonal antibodies, offers a greater diversity that could improve the degree of protection against the virus,” they say.

Dr. Antonio Páez, Medical Director at Grifols, has also stated that the potential treatment "is easy to refrigerate”, as well as its application method enabling easy provision “in any doctor's office, avoiding hospitalization. ”

“If the new therapy's efficacy is confirmed, it could be administered to people who test positive for the virus through PCR and antigen tests in hospitals and primary care offices,” he added.

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