PPP puts forward new proposition for social care

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PPP puts forward new proposition for social care

Public Policy Projects (PPP) has launched its State of the Nation Social Care report, The Future of Social Care: Turning Rhetoric into Reality. The report proposes a new funding mechanism, the ‘Personal Asset Protection’ guarantee to fix the social care funding crisis. The report also offers forward-thinking recommendations in three other key areas of social care policy: integration, innovation and infrastructure.

The report, chaired by Rt Hon Damian Green MP, Former First Secretary of State, consulted with a range of stakeholders from local authorities, care providers, community innovators and technology companies.

According to the report, a succession of governments have promised reform over the past 25 years, but they have not been able to reach a solution that is backed by Parliament and the electorate.

The report proposes a mechanism referred to as the Personal Asset Protection (PAP) guarantee: when an individual has spent a certain percentage of their assets, they qualify for local authority support in the ordinary way if they meet the eligibility criteria. The authority will pay for a person’s long-term care costs once the person has spent that defined percentage of their assets on care.

The modelling that has informed this report is based on a person being eligible for state-funded care when they have spent 30 per cent of their assets on their care. At this level, the total net cost to the British taxpayer would be an increase in spending of just over £2 billion per annum, and the rate could be flexed depending on the will of the government and on political agreement.

According to the report, the advantages of the PAP system are that it is easy to understand and mitigates some of the inequities inherent in the Dilnot Commission’s proposals. This £2 billion is the minimum extra funding required, and many commentators think that the figure of £7-8 billion is a more reasonable figure to re-establish the level of access to state-funded services compared with before the financial crisis of 2008, to ensure appropriate remuneration for care staff and embed sustainability in the system.

Commenting on the report, Rt Hon Damian Green MP said: “This report comes after 15 months of lockdown, during which many people have been deprived of the community support that would normally be available to them. As restrictions are eased, carers in the community and in residential facilities will be expected to ratchet up their levels of care to help people return to their normal lives.

“The proposals put forward in this paper are aimed at setting up a care system that is resilient and adaptable, supported by a funding system based on fairness and equity. I hope my right honourable friend, Sajid Javid MP, reads, considers, and accepts PPP’s recommendations in full as he writes both the white paper and the plan for social care that is due to be published by the end of this year. ” 

Commenting on the report, Jane Ashcroft CBE, Chief Executive of Anchor Hanover, said: “I was very struck in the introduction to the report by the comment, ‘social care is always a work in progress because our conditions are constantly changing’. Social care as a sector really does demonstrate that a system created in 1948 is not just no longer working, the sector needs a fundamental reset, including funding but also in a number of other ways. ”

Also commenting on the report, Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, said: “What I really liked about the report is that it puts forward a holistic approach. It incorporates the issues around housing. It also reminds people that we need to downstream and that social care needs to be about preventing people from going into crisis. Our current system is very crisis orientated. And it is also great to see the focus on housing and enabling people to live will in their own place, wherever that is, whether it’s their own home, whether it’s a particular retirement housing with care or indeed a care home. ”  

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