Government announces £500 million investment for quick Covid-19 tests

By - Integrated Care Journal

A new £500 million funding packaged will be invested in quick result Covid-19 test trails and increased testing capacity, the Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock announced today.

A new trial in Salford will take place imminently, aiming to process up to 250 tests a day. The new funding will also be used to expand the rapid 20-minute saliva test, to further extend capacity for existing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing across the country and to support the scaling up of testing capacity ahead of winter.

“Testing is a vital line of defence in combating this pandemic. We need to use every new innovation at our disposal to expand the use of testing, and build the mass testing capability that can help suppress the virus and enable more of the things that make life worth living,” the Health Secretary said.

New technology is the driving force seeking to break the chains of transmission in the spread of the virus. By innovating methods and increasing capacity using tests that are easy to complete or that give results in minutes, progress is being made towards halting transmission as much as possible.

New tests will be limited to certain settings while the trials continue. However, they are important in assessing the benefits of mass testing and how the testing programme can be improved and scaled up ahead of winter.

Trials across the country will now be launched or extended with the latest starting in Salford today.

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