Brexit threatening to impact UK PPE supply

By - Integrated Care Journal

Medical manufacturers are warning that the UK’s EU exit could result in PPE shortages for hospitals and healthcare institutions if urgent action is not taken.

There is a serious threat to the supply of 'life-saving' PPE due to Brexit complications, according to a leading medical equipment manufacturer. ASAP Innovations, based in Ireland, stated that while the UK is currently in a “grace period”, buyers should be planning now for the changes to come and ensuring their suppliers have the correct certifications for the UK market.

Following Brexit and disruption due to the pandemic, the British Chambers of Commerce found that only half of UK firms that trade internationally had considered the impact of Brexit on their business. “But with PPE having never been more important than it is currently, it’s critical that hospitals and healthcare institutions protect their PPE supply by ensuring their suppliers are ready for the changes to come,” says Sean Keller, Managing Director, ASAP Innovations.

Sean adds: “With the EU stockpiling emergency medical supplies, including PPE as part of its RescEU programme, there is also a risk that the UK will be squeezed out as international manufacturers favour ‘an easier option’, supplying to nations in which they are already accredited and don’t need to apply for further registration. In this instance, many UK organisations, and importantly, healthcare institutions will not be able to continue sourcing PPE from their previous suppliers. ”

Sean concludes: “Hospitals and healthcare institutions have had multiple issues with PPE supplies since the start of the pandemic last year, as the industry battled worldwide material shortages, increased demand, fraudulent products and factory closures. Brexit is the next threat to PPE supply and it’s therefore important that buyers get on top of this now to ensure they’re able to continue protecting their staff and patients. ”

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