Ineos donates £100m to new Oxford University AMR institute

By - World Healthcare Journal

Ineos donates £100m to new Oxford University AMR institute

The pharmaceutical giant INEOS has donated £100m in order to fund antimicrobial resistance research at Oxford University, one of the largest donations the university itself has ever received, and one of the largest donations to a university ever recorded.

The institute will seek to develop new treatments for both animals and humans, as well as promote the responsible use of the antibiotics, which has led to a rapid rise in antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in recent years.

Described as a ‘silent pandemic’, the onslaught of AMR is one of the most challenging issues within healthcare.

According to recent data, AMR currently causes an estimated 1.5m deaths each year, and could cause over 10m deaths per year by 2050. In addition to this, it is also predicted to produce an economic toll of $100 trillion in the same timeframe.

“This is a wonderfully generous gift for which we are very grateful. It is another example of a powerful partnership between public and private institutions to address global problems,” said Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University.

Oxford paid a crucial role in the early development of antibiotics so it is only appropriate that we take the lead in developing a solution to antimicrobial resistance. ”

"I think that the pandemic has shown us just the extraordinarily high costs if you ignore a problem that is potentially headed your way. ”

"We know that human antibiotics are, with every passing year, becoming fewer and fewer because of the growth of resistance so it's absolutely imperative that we act, and the impact of being unprepared for the pandemic I think reinforces the importance of acting before it's too late."

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, founder and Chairman of INEOS, also shared his excitement about the partnership.

“Innovative collaboration between industry, academia and government is now crucial to fight against AMR,” he said.

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