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Claire Perry O’Neill joins as senior advisor to Public Policy Projects

By - Public Policy Projects
Claire Perry O’Neill joins as senior advisor to Public Policy Projects

Public Policy Projects is delighted to announce that former COP26 President-Designate and former UK Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, The Rt Hon Claire Perry O’Neill, has joined as a senior advisor to help formulate our work on energy and climate.

Working alongside PPP’s Deputy Chair for Energy and Climate, The Rt Hon Amber Rudd, Claire will also be leading the Maximising COP 26 project and preparations for the COP26 summit in Glasgow this November.

Claire brings a breadth of experience of both government and private sector-led decarbonisation efforts. She served as UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth from 2017 to 2019, during which she led the UK delegations at COP23 and COP24. She formulated the UK’s winning bid to host COP26 and supported the UN team at COP25 as the incoming President-designate.

Since her retirement from politics in 2020, Claire has continued to focus extensively on energy and climate policy and action as the Managing Director (Climate and Energy) at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and through her private advisory work.

As economies around the world look to rebuild, the pandemic has warned us of the long-term economic risks that climate change creates. Public policy must increasingly look to decarbonise economies, while simultaneously inducing job creation, economic diversification, food security, and tackling inequalities.

The Maximising COP 26 project brings together leading representatives from international governments, the diplomatic community, and the private sector to identify these challenges and opportunities in decarbonisation. Focusing on key aspects of the climate debate, including food sustainability, energy and power generation, hydrogen and technology, this project will contextualise discussions on decarbonisation in the perspectives of individual nations, many of whom remain fossil fuel reliant. Claire and PPP will thus explore the global challenges of decarbonisation from the perspective of the nations for whom the debate is most significant.

The Rt Hon Claire Perry O’Neill, Senior Advisor, Public Policy Projects, said: “Accelerating global decarbonisation in line with scientific advice is the most urgent challenge facing the public and private sectors today and PPP plays a unique role in helping shape the debate at a global and national level. I am delighted to be joining the team in this vital year to help maximise the impact of COP26 across a range of global systems”

The Rt Hon Amber Rudd, Co-Chair (Energy and Climate), Public Policy Projects, said: “As Chair of the Maximising COP26 initiative, I am delighted that PPP has welcomed Claire to join our Energy and Climate Team. Building on her experience of previous COP summits and her extensive engagement with global business, Claire will ensure that the voice of the private sector is firmly represented in the formation of our policy recommendations. ”

The Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Executive Chair, Public Policy Projects, said: “As PPP’s Executive Chair, I am delighted that Claire has joined the leadership of our Institute to lead our work on climate and energy. The threat of climate change remains the greatest threat to human existence and our shared ways of life. No organisation seriously committed to furthering debate in public policy, like PPP, can continue overlook the pervasive and impending threat and challenges posed by climate change. With her extensive experience from her distinguished career in Parliament and Government, as well as the private sector, Claire support will greatly enhance this important development in PPP’s policy offering. ”

Ben Howlett, Managing Director, Public Policy Projects, said: "It is a pleasure to be working with Claire again. As MPs together, I know just how hard she worked to represent the UK at COPs 23 and 24. As a “do tank”, Public Policy Projects helps to turn policy into actionable insight and in 2021 the UK has a unique opportunity to shape the global debate. We look forward to working with Claire to help achieve this and bring together global communities of interest. ”

To contact Claire, or for further information on PPP’s work on climate, energy and COP26, please contact International Policy Director, Max Austin at 

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