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  • Project Brief

    The Social Care Challenge: Implementing a Connected System

  • Report

    Roundtable Three

  • Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic for the future management of long term conditions

  • Maximising COP26 Series: Food, Agriculture and Net Zero

  • Maximising COP26 Series: Powering the World in 2050 & Nuclear

  • Maximising COP26 Series: Transitioning to Green: Shifting Reliance from Fossil Fuel Exports

  • Maximising COP26 Series: Building Back Better: Investing in Green Infrastructure Post-Covid

  • How to re-engage patients with cancer pathways

  • State of the Nation 2021: Reflections on Rare Diseases

  • International Women’s Day 2021: Challenging Health Inequalities

  • An Inclusive Green Recovery: A 2021 P4G Seoul Summit Pre-Event

  • Cancer services in the UK: Restarting the cancer pathway

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