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PPP acquires Precision Medicine Forum

Public Policy Projects is delighted to announce that it has acquired the business of Precision Medicine Forum (PMF). This builds on the PPP Global Genomics network and positions PPP at the heart of key developments in personalised medicine and its implications for health and life sciences.

Announcing the news, Managing Director Lee Davies said:

“Our acquisition of PMF builds on the PPP Global Genomics network and positions PPP at the heart of key developments in personalised medicine and its implications for health and life sciences.

The PMF Forum in Berlin on 29th and 30th October this year will highlight current exciting new policy developments in Germany and associated events in Cambridge in October and Brussels in November will create important development opportunities for health systems and the people they serve in this vital sector.

PMF works across several key centres in Europe, reflecting the international community it serves; we believe that linking to the PPP network in the NHS and UK Life Sciences sectors will create important opportunities for all parties for information exchange and policy development.

We very much look forward to working with the PMF team to build a unique community of interest in personalised medicine drawn from centres of excellence across the globe.”

PMF Life Sciences Conference Director, Joel Hornby, adds:

“Further to the successful delivery of the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Sweden in April, we are excited to work with PPP to expand on the platform that PMF provides to patient groups, clinicians, industry, payers, and policy makers alike. Looking forward to the Berlin Precision Medicine Forum in October, there is a fantastic opportunity for PPP and PMF, along with our regional partners, to help progress genomic medicine implementation in Germany. It promises to be the key event of 2024 for those concerned with increasing the application of precise diagnostics and targeted treatments within the German healthcare system, particularly with respect to addressing currently unmet clinical needs.”

For further information about the acquisition, contact Lee Davies at   To discuss potential partnership opportunities for the PMF events, contact Dr Chris Rice, Partnerships Director for Life Sciences at

Note to Editors

Public Policy Projects (PPP) works across the public and private sectors to bring together opinion formers in health and life sciences.

Through our events, editorial, research and written reports, we work with businesses to secure better health outcomes for populations and drive necessary change in healthcare systems in the UK and around the world.

PPP believes advances in life sciences offer the promise of radical transformation of how we understand health and improve the quality of life for the world for decades to come.

PPP’s long-running Global Genomics Programme has built a reputation of placing benefit-sharing and equity of access at the forefront of international discussions. Our network already includes over 700 key stakeholders, across 58 countries, and we look forward to extending this community of interest following acquisition of PMF.

Precision Medicine Forum (PMF) brings together sector leaders to explore the implications of the developing science of precision medicine for policy and professional practice. Scientific advance does not happen in a vacuum, and it is important that the policy framework develops in line with the science.

Earlier this year PMF organised the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Stockholm, building on successful events from previous years, and is committed to developing a network of forums in Europe which gather a community interested in the policy and professional challenges posed by developments in precision medicine.

Further details of the Berlin PMF Forum:

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