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PPP announces 2024 programmes

PPP announces their 2024 programmes covering integrated care, cancer care, wound care, global genomics, rare diseases, medicines, and diabetes.

PPP 2024 Programmes

Integrated Care Delivery Forum

Consisting of two large, in-person events in Birmingham and London featuring three theatres tackling System Transformation, Medicines Optimisation, and Data and Analytics. We’re working with a new strategic partner, AnalystX, to connect and empower the data and analytics community in integrated care for this last theatre.  For partnership opportunities email

Medicines Programme 2024

This programme aims to shine a light upon how exactly the value of pharmacy can be maximised in conjunction with each of the four pillars of primary care and wider community services. It is the strong belief of our existing medicines and pharmacy network that doing so will help enable ICSs to deliver upon the key objectives of integrated care, such as population health management and reducing health inequalities. For partnership opportunities email

Cancer Care Programme 2024
So many innovative solutions and technologies exist for cancer care, but getting them into the NHS and then scaling their application once within the system remains a key challenge.  PPP’s Cancer Care Programme 2024 will explore how innovation in this area can be better implemented in the NHS. For partnership opportunities email

Wound Care Programme 2024
Building on our successful programme in 2023, next year will address themes including innovation, prevention and inequalities; commissioning; pharmacy and the role of medicines professionals; workforce and harm; and integrating wound care into care systems. For partnership opportunities email

Diabetes Care Programme 2024
Diabetes is a cornerstone of ICS strategic objectives, and PPP’s new programme for 2024 will look at system-wide strategies for better diabetes care. With Professor Partha Kar, National Specialty Advisor, Diabetes with NHS England, we’ll explore the unmet needs in diabetes care and examine the challenges and opportunities to improve diabetes outcomes, locally and nationally. For partnership opportunities email

Global Genomics Programme 2024
PPP’s work in the area spans more than three years, and we have built a global genomics network of over 700 key stakeholders across 58 countries.  In 2024 we’ll examine exciting developments in pharmacogenomics (PGx) and the steps towards personalised medicine. For partnership opportunities email

Rare Diseases Programme 2024
This programme will focus on the challenges in the UK to delivering effective treatments to the 3.5 million people living with one of an estimated 8,000 rare conditions, and will include the participation of a rare disease patient advocacy group. For partnership opportunities email

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