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PPP announces strategic partnership with the National Pharmacy Association

Public Policy Projects and the National Pharmacy Association will collaborate in 2024 on a series of online roundtables and as part of the Medicines Optimisation theatre at the Integrated Care Delivery Forum. These activities will generate policy insights and recommendations aimed at supporting the expansion of community pharmacy services and the development of a pharmacy-led transformation of health and care.

Public Policy Projects (PPP) today announces a new partnership with the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), the non-profit membership organisation representing independent community pharmacies across the UK.

The NPA advocates for community pharmacies and amplifies issues to the NHS, government, and other relevant parties to raise the profile of pharmacy and shape an environment in which pharmacies can operate effectively.

The NPA will collaborate with PPP’s Medicines and Pharmacy policy programme, which will convene frontline pharmacists, as well as integrated care system and NHS England leadership, to develop insights and policy recommendations on a series of topics. These topics will include medicines optimisation and access to medicines, as well as the role of pharmacy in reducing health inequalities and managing population health at the local level.

The launch of the Pharmacy First service this month sees pharmacies offering treatment for seven common conditions on top of the already established contraceptive pill and blood pressure monitoring services. Despite the financial support the government is providing to participating pharmacies, existing funding and workforce pressures mean that pharmacists across England will still face challenges in delivering these new services. The impact of these changes will be captured during the roundtable discussions throughout the medicines and pharmacy programme, which will benchmark progress on the expansion of community pharmacy services.

The NPA will also work with PPP to programme the Medicines Optimisation theatres at the Integrated Care Delivery Forums this year. The theatre is an opportunity for key pharmacy stakeholders to get together in person for discussion and debate to tackle the challenges facing the sector and highlight how pharmacy can be utilised as a system-wide strategic asset.

Commenting on the partnership, Michael Lennox, Local Integration Lead at the NPA, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Public Policy Projects team to share good practice, innovate and maximise the potential of community pharmacy, by and through systems. From urgent care to population health and long-term medical conditions, the best mode to improve NHS care is partnership mode.”

Yousaf Ahmad, ICS Chief Pharmacist at NHS Frimley ICB, said: “As Chair of Public Policy Project’s (PPP) Medicines and Pharmacy programme, it gives me great pleasure to announce that PPP and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) are joining forces in a commitment to shape the future of community pharmacy services. Together, we embark on a journey to foster innovation and drive positive change in healthcare. Through online roundtables and our collaboration at the Integrated Care Delivery Forum, we aim to generate insightful policy recommendations that will not only elevate the role of community pharmacy and pharmacy professionals but also contribute to the evolution of a pharmacy-led transformation in health and care. The NPA, representing independent community pharmacies across the UK, brings invaluable advocacy and expertise to this collaboration.”

The Integrated Care Delivery Forum in Birmingham will take place on the 9th of May. The date for the London forum will be announced in the coming weeks. For further information on how to partner and sponsor the series, please write to Lee Davies at

The Integrated Care Delivery Forum is free to attend for health and care professionals and relevant stakeholders. Click here to register to attend upcoming events.

For further information about PPP’s Medicines and Pharmacy programme, please contact Samantha Semmeling at

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