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PPP Breakfast: focus on prevention with Professor Stephen Powis

On 10 October, another event in the PPP Breakfast series took place. PwC Partner India Hardy was in conversation with special guest, Professor Stephen Powis, National Medical Director at NHS England. The primary focus revolved around prevention, particularly in the approach to the winter season.

Willy Morris, PPP Partnerships Manager, observed this from the event:

“Two specific aspects of the discussion caught my attention. First, we delved into the utilisation of data for population health and preventive care. Within the realms of primary and secondary care, mental health services, and local government, a substantial amount of data is available, which can aid in predicting the reasons and locations for individuals seeking emergency care at A&E departments. This data can be harnessed to proactively prevent A&E visits in the first instance (I understand that it’s not quite as straightforward as it sounds!).

However, one challenge we have yet to fully address is how to effectively engage these diverse population groups. Should we use text messages? Phone calls? Traditional mail? As we enhance our ability to predict risk and prioritise prevention, effective communication will be essential. Local councils, religious leaders, and other community figures can play a significant role in advancing population health in this regard.

The second noteworthy point that piqued my interest pertained to the data literacy of our healthcare leaders. Unfortunately, many senior leaders lack the skills to interpret the vast quantities of data generated by our healthcare system, which may result in them not posing the right questions.

To fully unlock the potential of the UK’s data-rich healthcare system, leaders must be able to extract insights from the data they possess and take action based on the intelligence it provides.  In 2024, PPP’s Integrated Care System programme will bring the role of data, insight, and data analysts to the fore.”

Future PPP Breakfasts and ICS Delivery Forums

Our first 2024 event in the PPP Breakfast series will again be kindly hosted by PwC at 1 Embankment Place, in the Spring.  It will be a discussion followed by audience Q&A between Matthew Taylor CBE FAcSS, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation and Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Chair of PPP.  Our Breakfasts are free to attend events, exclusive to PPP Partners plus leaders in integrated care and NHS Trusts. 

To find out more about the next Breakfast, or our 2024 Integrated Care System programme, email Lee Davies at

PPP’s final Integrated Care System Delivery Forum for 2023 is in London on 1 November.  This conference is free for the public sector including ICS leads, NHS Organisations, Local Authorities, academics, researchers, non-for-profit and third sector providers and charitable sectors. A limited amount of Private Sector Tickets (suppliers) are available at £499.99 per ticket.

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