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PPP hosts inaugural Conference on Cancer Care delivery in the UK

PPP has successfully concluded its first-ever conference focused on Cancer Care delivery in the UK.

*Amgen have provided sponsorship to support the delivery of the Cancer Care Programme by PPP.

The PPP Cancer Care Conference 2023, held on November 22, brought together key stakeholders, experts, and thought leaders to discuss critical issues in cancer care, including topics on ground breaking work such as the cancer vaccine, genetic diagnostic testing, and real-world evidence in cancer care.

The conference featured a diverse range of sessions and panels, with prominent figures in the field sharing insights and expertise. Notable highlights included a keynote address by Ed Rose, NHS’s Programme Director for the NHS Cancer Programme, NHS England and Improvement. Mr. Rose provided valuable perspectives on the current landscape of cancer care in the UK and outlined the strategic initiatives being undertaken by the NHS to enhance cancer services.

Speaking about the event, Cancer Research UK Policy said “Great to hear more on genomic testing, cancer vaccines, and real world evidence at the [PPP] Cancer Care Conference.” Naser Turabi, Director of Evidence and Implementation at Cancer Research UK spoke at the event on on equitable system-level transformation in cancer, and highlighted the Cancer Manifesto published by Cancer Research UK today.

Celebrity adds personal message on cancer screening

(L-R) Dr Chris Rice (PPP), Lee Davies (PPP), Colin McFarlane, Willy Morris (PPP)

Actor, cancer patient, and patient advocate Colin McFarlane also attended the conference. Known for his roles in Batman and as the voice of the Cube, Mr McFarlane passionately addressed the audience on the urgency of cancer screening and the need to increase the involvement of minority groups, particularly black men, in cancer research.

Mr. McFarlane’s powerful message resonated with the audience as he emphasised, “How do we get more black men involved in research? We need to look at how black men are treated in society and build that trust moving forward. More broadly, how do we get every man over 40 to demand a PSA test for early diagnosis of prostate cancer and save more lives?”

PPP fully embraces Colin McFarlane’s mission and commitment to advancing cancer care. In 2024, the PPP Cancer Care Programme will build on the momentum generated by this conference and expand to further amplify patient voices and address the pressing issues in cancer care delivery.

“The conference was a tremendous success, bringing together experts and advocates who are driving positive change in cancer care. We are grateful for the insightful contributions from our distinguished speakers and for the powerful call to action from Colin McFarlane,” said Willy Morris, Senior Partnerships Manager at PPP.

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