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PPP Specialist Series

System-wide strategies for better diabetes care

PPP’s Diabetes Care Programme 2024 will explore the unmet needs in diabetes care and examine the challenges and opportunities to improve diabetes outcomes, both locally and nationally.  

Diabetes Care Programme 2024

Public Policy Projects’ (PPP) Diabetes Care Programme through its four roundtables and a webinar has explored the unmet needs in diabetes care and examined the challenges and opportunities to improve diabetes outcomes both locally and nationally.

PPP has sought to break down professional silos by convening a diverse stakeholder group to analyse and influence what better integration and collaboration can look like across the diabetes patient pathway

The programme consists of:

  • Four virtual, 90-minute, invitation-only roundtables (January-May 2024), consisting of panel debates and keynote speakers. We will deep dive into evidence-approved medicines for type 2 diabetics and how we can go further to reduce inequalities in access and outcomes. We will explore the challenges and opportunities for addressing the growing number of under 40-year-olds diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the link to obesity. We will explore the role of clinical pathways, give examples of poor uptake of NICE-approved technologies for type 1 and 2 diabetes and discuss how we can overcome barriers to adoption.
  • Policy and insights reports capturing the recommendations from the programme.
  • An in-person conference for more than 180 delegates with panel debates, keynote speakers and networking.

Programme Chair: Professor Partha Kar

The Chair of the PPP Diabetes Care Programme 2024 is Professor Partha Kar, Type 1 Diabetes & Technology Lead and GRIFT Clinical Lead, Diabetes, and co-author of the National Diabetes GIRFT report. A Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust since 2008, he is the pioneer of the Super Six Diabetes Model which is recognised as one of the ‘good’ examples of integrated care. In PPP’s Diabetes Programme 2024, Professor Kar will explore if priorities in diabetes care should remain the same or change. 

Delegates we intend to have involved in the Diabetes Care Programme 2024 include:

  • Inequalities Leads
  • Commissioners
  • Clinicians and Clinical Directors
  • Diabetes Leads
  • ICS senior managers
  • Primary Care and Community Leads – GPs, PNs and Diabetes Nurses
  • Dietitians, podiatrists, care homes and other professions
  • Public Health Leads
  • Transformation Leads
  • Hospital Leads – cardiologists, endocrinologists, renal
  • Pathway Leads
  • Pharmacists – NPA/Community, Clinical and Chief Pharmacists
  • Finance Managers
  • Population Health Leads
  • Key diabetes organisations, charities and patient groups

For more information about attending either the roundtables, or PPP’s Diabetes Care Conference 2024, contact Ameneh Saatchi on

Programme Partners

Upcoming events 2024

Diabetes Care Programme 2024

All PPP events are free for the Public Sector including NHS Organisations, Local Authorities, academics, researchers, not-for-profit and third sector providers and charitable sectors. A limited number of Private Sector Tickets (suppliers) are available at £499.99 per ticket.

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Watch the Diabetes Webinar below: Prioritisation of diabetes care – bold conversations or more of the same?

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Be a PPP Partner for Diabetes Care

Various levels of Partner opportunities exist for PPP’s Diabetes Care Programme 2024. For more information download the brochure here or contact Ameneh Saatchi on

Programme Sponsors:

This meeting has been sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Boehringer Ingelheim has had no influence over the agenda, programme development, content or selection of faculty. Editorial and content decisions were made solely by PPP, with the faculty chosen by PPP.
Sanofi have provided sponsorship funding for this series. Public Policy Projects has retained editorial control of the overall programme with individual sponsors reviewing the appropriate material in line with their relevant industry code.
Novo Nordisk has provided sponsorship to Public Policy Project (PPP) to cover the cost of the planning, organisation, and the delivery of the meeting, including event logistics. Novo Nordisk has had no influence on the agenda or arrangements of the programme.
Bayer Logo
Bayer have provided sponsorship funding for this series. Public Policy Projects has retained full editorial control with individual sponsors reviewing the appropriate material in line with their relevant industry code.

Roundtable 1 Report:

Click here to read the report from the programme’s first roundtable: System-wide Strategies for Better Diabetes Care

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