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Global Genomics

PPP’s Global Genomics Programme in 2024 will address the need to create more equitable access to genomics in global health systems.  

Global Genomics Programme 2024: pharmacogenomics

Through the use of genomics, pharmaceutical drugs and other treatment options have become increasingly effective in recent years. Clinicians now have the ability to design clearer treatment plans, and even improve the ways to address rare diseases. Genomics offers many novel approaches to how we conceptualise and utilise medicine. However, in addition to possibly revolutionising clinical delivery, genomics also has the potential to greatly exacerbate health – and by extension, social – inequalities on a global level.  

Building on a body of work spanning more than three years, PPP is working with a global genomics network of over 700 key stakeholders, across 58 countries, on every continent. The Global Genomics Programme has built a reputation of placing benefit-sharing and equity of access to genomics at the forefront of policy discussions, and will continue to do so in 2024. 

PPP’s Global Genomics Programme in 2024 willl develop policy insights to positively impact health and care outcomes and health inequalities. We will be examining the exciting developments in pharmacogenomics (PGx) and the steps towards personalised medicine.

The Global Genomics Programme 2024 consists of:

  • Five virtual invitation-only roundtable discussions and a series of global-invite webinars, where we will highlight how data sets can be better diversified, the role of AI in developing personalised medicines, and how we can build meaningful collaborations between genomics communities in the Global North and the Global South.
  • A PPP Report capturing recommendations from the programme.
  • A full-day in-person Global Genomics and Rare Diseases Conference in November 2024 to discuss these themes, with experts from the world of genomics.

For more information about contributing to PPP’s Global Genomics Programme, contact Seve Loudon at

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Global Genomics Programme 2024

All PPP events are free for the Public Sector including NHS Organisations, Local Authorities, academics, researchers, not-for-profit and third sector providers and charitable sectors. A limited number of Private Sector Tickets (suppliers) are available at £499.99 per ticket.

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Various levels of Partner opportunities exist for PPP’s Global Genomics Programme in 2024.  For more information contact Dr Chris Rice on

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