We are delighted to introduce you to our new team member, Dr Chris Rice, who joins the team as a Senior Partnerships Manager. Chris will be liaising with PPP’s partners across sectors on a range of topics, including our Maximising COP26 project and our new Environment and Health series. Chris joins us after working in the food and beverage, climate, public health, and pharmaceutical industries as both a scientific technical lead and as a partnerships and commercial manager. After completing his Doctoral studies in microbiology, Chris joined the private sector, accumulating ten years’ experience of commercial Research & Development. In his roles, Chris has worked with commercial partners of all sizes, working with them to overcome specific technical challenges, and helping their marketing teams to align their brands with worthwhile causes.

PPP brings together public and private sector leaders, investors, policy makers and commentators with a common interest in improving public policy in order to deliver better outcomes. We are working with global partners who bring scalable examples of best practice and support to our ongoing programme of events in the Health and Climate Change space. With this in mind, we invite you to contact us to discuss any policy areas you are interested in highlighting or partnering on. If you would like to reach out to Chris at any time to discuss potential opportunities, please do so at chris.rice@publicpolicyprojects.com or by phone at 07704277412.