Through six thought-leadership features and an extended webinar series, this workstream seeks to cast spotlight on the links between a changing climate and health, bringing together international experts from a range of sector.
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HealthOctober 6, 2021
How Force of Nature are turning eco-anxiety into eco-action
Eleanor Murray, Policy Analyst at Public Policy Projects (PPP), and Sacha Wright, Research and Curriculum Coordinator at Force of Nature, discuss the relationship between environment and health, psychological responses to the climate crisis and solution-based interventions.
HealthJuly 29, 2021
The nexus between land use change and global pandemic
A one health approach to public health is needed to prevent future pandemics, this approach must draw upon the crucial link between the natural world and human health.
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Eco-anxiety: How climate change is placing a huge burden on millions of people’s mental health

Exploring the links between climate change, air quality and health

Minimising the health impacts of climate change in the EU

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