This series considers specific issues of global reach including the importance of improving data diversity, establishment of a global dataset and the future of rare diseases, utilising genomic data for research.
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HealthJune 16, 2021
Genome Canada and the future of pandemic preparedness
Genome Canada’s CEO, Rob Annan, and Head of Communications, Nicola Katz discuss the lessons learned in Canada over the pandemic and the future of pandemic preparedness.
HealthMay 20, 2021
Genomics data storage: what, who and how?
Several key questions must be addressed before genomic data can be harnessed to its revolutionary potential.
HealthApril 21, 2021
Time to fix the global genomics inequity gap
Without honestly identifying, recognising, and rectifying the structural barriers to global genomic collaboration, equity across the field of genomics will never be achieved.
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