This series investigates the state of digital services in the NHS in England and puts forward a set of recommendations that will enable the NHS and social care to build on its digital-enabled transformation.
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HealthSeptember 28, 2021
Beyond the buzzwords: Accelerating digital in hospitals
With the government looking to progress health sector reform from multiple angles, the progression of digital healthcare within NHS hospitals becomes increasingly important.
HealthSeptember 17, 2021
Patient flow command centres: not just for Covid-19
Neil Griffiths, Managing Director of TeleTracking Europe, questions why, when a centralised command centre is capable of improving patient care in myriad ways, it should not be considered good practice on a daily basis beyond crisis management.
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Protected: PPP Subscribers: Developing a trustworthy health data ecosystem

State of the Nation: Digitisation and Medical Technologies Report Launch

The digital revolution of health and care – From the fax machine to Zoom

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