This Series will assess the current state of healthcare inequalities in the UK, as life expectancy has stalled for the first time in over a century. There is a sharp focus on health inequality in light of Covid-19 and how good policy can address it.
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HealthAugust 2, 2021
A&E has become the entire health system’s safety net, not just the patient’s
While the current spotlight is on reducing post-pandemic elective surgery waiting times, emergency departments have been left to pick up the health system’s slack. Public Policy Projects Policy Analyst Lottie Moore spoke to Dr Katherine Henderson about the challenges now facing emergency medicine.
HealthJuly 13, 2021
Health inequality must be addressed in locality
Dr Chi-Chi Ekhator is a GP based in South London and a GP Appraiser of NHS England. She is also Chair of Five2Medics, an initiative within Ascension Trust, born out of the desire to build wellness and resilience in communities facing disadvantage.
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