This Series will assess the current state of healthcare inequalities in the UK, as life expectancy has stalled for the first time in over a century. There is a sharp focus on health inequality in light of Covid-19 and how good policy can address it.
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3 November 2021, 08:00

Place-based solutions in tackling health inequality: key themes and learnings

In this session, we will dive deeper into the findings of PPP’s State of the Nation Report: Addressing the National Syndemic: Closing the gap in UK health inequality. Chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, the report assesses how…

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HealthOctober 12, 2021
Improving cancer care for LGBTQ+ patients in the UK
While gender and sexual identities continue to be decriminalised and more understood across the world, the health sector is taking a while to catch up. Dr Alison Berner is leading a coalition of clinicians and charities committed to improving the care needs of LGBTQ+ patients with cancer.
HealthSeptember 24, 2021
Vaxi Taxi: the simple and innovative vaccination programme with equity at its core
Ensuring everyone has equal access to good healthcare is fundamental to reducing health inequalities. Dr Sharon Raymond, GP and director of Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation, is making accessibility easier through her Vaxi Taxi project, which helps those in London’s most vulnerable communities' access
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Challenging Health Inequalities: Racial Disparities in Women’s Healthcare

Challenging Health Inequalities: Reproductive Health

Challenging Health Inequalities: Gender & Ageing

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  • Addressing the National Syndemic: Place-based problems and solutions to UK health inequality

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