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Woundcare spotlight: Interview with Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive Officer, Queen’s Nursing Institute

An interview with Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive Officer, The Queen’s Nursing Institute on the importance of Nurses in the field of woundcare.

By Ameneh Saatchi, Senior Partnerships and Policy Manager, Public Policy Projects

Why should nurses, especially senior nurses in ICBs, attend the woundcare conference?

“Woundcare is very much a nursing issue. Other clinicians are of course involved, but it is an area in which nurses are highly specialised. Woundcare is a field in which all nurses must have knowledge, especially district nurses, where it is a major part of their role in serving the community. Hence, they require ongoing education, CPD and evidence-based practice. Nurses should be owning this opportunity and feeling empowered.”

Why should woundcare be important to nurses?

“Woundcare is very hidden – it mostly happens in the community, behind closed doors in people’s homes or in clinics and GP surgeries. The lack of visibility in woundcare has meant that there has been a lack of data collection. ICBs typically don’t know how many people in their ICB footprint are receiving woundcare as there is no existing register. 

“Woundcare is a huge financial burden on the NHS, a burden which could be reduced if we got it right. Part of getting it right is nurse education. For example, inadequate compression bandaging may prevent wound healing, leaving a person vulnerable to infection and compromising their life. Overall, this process is disheartening for nurses, who strive to heal their patients. We need better education programs for nurses and to further support their learning.” 

Why do you want nurses to come to this conference?

“The QNI provides a fantastic network, evidence to draw on, and a long history of supporting nurses delivering woundcare in communities and GP practices. This conference is a great opportunity for nurses, who have huge roles in our communities, to listen, engage and ask questions. I would love for them to come to the conference to really challenge their thinking on woundcare. The bottom line in all of this is excellent patient care, the best possible patient care, and finding out how they can really get behind this initiative to support what is principally a nursing role.” 

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